Coming of Age at the End of Nature book cover

I’m a proud contributor to Coming of Age at the End of Nature. This powerful collection of essays gathers the voices of more than twenty young writers who have grown up in an environmentally compromised world.

Trinity University Press, 2016
Edited by Susan A. Cohen and Julie Dunlap
Foreword by Bill McKibben

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  • Designated as a 2016 INDIES Finalist (Ecology & Environment)


“A fine collection of environmental writing in this thoughtful anthology from a ‘new generation of fossil fuel freedom fighters’… an earnest compendium… an intelligent and heart-felt glimpse into the lives of the emerging authors Bill McKibben greatly influenced and a must-read for anyone interested in environmental issues, particularly climate change.”

— Library Journal, Starred Review

“To say that this book is a particular delight for me would be an understatement. I wrote The End of Nature when I was twenty-seven, and when I go back to read it now some parts seem jejune. That’s not true of the writing in Coming of Age at the End of Nature, which is mature, reflective, deep, and lovely. It makes me hopeful.”

— from the foreword by Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature