Blackberry (Sorbet) Mojito

The lilacs are blooming, the trees are greening, and the lake is almost warm enough for a swim (if you’re brave). It’s not quite summer, but I couldn’t resist making something light and fruity in anticipation of the muggy days ahead.

I started with a blackberry sorbet, made by simmering lemon juice, sugar, and blackberries on the stove. After straining out the seeds and chilling the mixture, I churned it in my ice cream maker. While the sorbet was setting in the freezer, I mixed up a classic mojito with mint, sugar, white rum, soda water, ice, and a splash of lime juice.

To finish, I added a scoop of blackberry sorbet. You can let the sorbet float on top or give it a minute to melt into the mojito for an extra fruity cocktail. Tastes like summer!

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