Peeps Parade Ice Cream

Note: Some Peeps were, regrettably, harmed in the making of this ice cream.

I was mulling over spring ice cream flavors when my brilliant friend Crystal (check out her amazing handiwork on Etsy!) suggested I make a Peeps Rocky Road. The next thing I knew, I was at the grocery store fighting off local college students for the remains of the Easter sale candy.

The pickings were slim, but I managed to grab an assortment of Peeps and a bag of chocolate eggs for garnish. I also snagged some smoked almonds and the usual milk, cream, cocoa, etc. for the ice cream base.

Back at home, I committed the Great Peeps Massacre of 2016 (they gave their lives valiantly for the cause). Next, I chopped the almonds into coarse pieces and churned up a batch of ridiculously rich milk chocolate ice cream (tip: sweetened condensed milk added to the richness).

The results were…spectacularly good! I should mention that I don’t normally like ice cream with lots of stuff in it. I prefer my ice cream smooth and stuff-free. Furthermore, I was afraid the Peeps would turn rock-hard and the almonds would soften when I mixed them into the cold, creamy base.

I was happily surprised when, even after freezing the concoction overnight, the almonds kept their crunch and the Peeps stayed soft and chewy. Better yet, the sweetness of the Peeps perfectly countered the smokiness of the almonds. Combined with the chocolate base, each mouthful was pure bliss.

Consider me a convert to chunky, chock-full-of-stuff ice cream.

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