The Twelve Sundaes of Christmas, Part 1

Inspired by the dark days of December, I concocted a super-dark chocolate ice cream with a splash of espresso. Between its rich flavor and kick of caffeine, this ice cream could easily power me through the depths of winter all by itself. However, it didn’t seem quite festive enough alone, so I started experimenting with hot fudge, cranberry sauce, and other toppings:

hot fudge and cranberry sauce

The next thing I knew, I’d created enough sundaes to last through the twelve days of Christmas. I’ve split them into three groups because even I can’t eat twelve sundaes in one sitting. Well, I probably could, but I definitely shouldn’t… I’ll post the next two groups in the coming weeks, but for now, savor the first four sundaes of the holiday season:

hot fudge and pomegranate
Hot fudge and pomegranate.
s'mores ice cream
S’mores: hot fudge, mini marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs.
hot fudge and coconut
Hot fudge and toasted coconut.
hot fudge with cranberry sauce and amaretto
Hot fudge, cranberry sauce, and crushed amaretti.

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