Wringing the Last Few Drops from Summer (Mango Kiwi Sherbet)

Nights are falling faster. Notebooks and No. 2 pencils are lining store aisles. And kids everywhere are cringing when they look at the calendar. It’s clear: August has begun the slow descent into September. In the spirit of wringing the last few drops from summer, I mixed up some mango kiwi sherbet.

Mango Kiwi Sorbet Prep

My kiwi-to-mango ratio was a little high, making the blend a bit too mouth-puckeringly tart. I toned it down with some cream and sugar, turning what was intended to be sorbet into sherbet. The end result was fresh and fruity with just the right amount of tang. Perfect for a hot August evening when the cicadas are humming and the start of school seems a million months away.

Mango Kiwi Sorbet

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