Nothing Says Summer Like Strawberries (Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream)

In honor of June (my birthday month!), I cooked up a new concoction: strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Because nothing says summer like strawberries.

I started by simmering the strawberries on the stove to cook out some of the water. I also pureed them with an immersion blender to get a nice, even consistency and added a bit of sugar to balance out the tanginess. (I got my immersion blender as a wedding gift. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend adding it to your birthday/wedding/Festivus/whatever wish list.)


In addition to the strawberry puree, I made a simple vanilla base with an extra boost of cream cheese. The cold cream cheese formed small clumps when I mixed it with the hot milk. At first, I was disappointed by the clumps, but as it turns out, they make perfect little bites of cheesecake-like goodness when set against the creamy strawberry backdrop. A mistake turned masterpiece!


I stirred the strawberries into the cream base:


Then chilled it overnight and churned it the next morning. The finished product:


Cold and creamy, sweet and tangy—the best combination for a hot summer day!

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