Summertime: Lavender Lemonade Sorbet

I seem to be on a lemon kick. This time around, I’ve opted for something a little lighter but every bit as flavorful: Lavender Lemonade Sorbet. Inspiration courtesy of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream.

To start, get your hands on some food-grade dried lavender flowers. I found mine at Penzeys, my favorite Wisconsin spice shop:

Lavender Lemonade Sorbet 1

Next, simmer sugar, water, and lavender on the stove. Then add fresh-squeezed lemon juice to complete the lovely concoction:

Lavender Lemonade Sorbet 2

Molly recommends grinding the lavender, but I left mine whole so I strained out the flower buds before churning the sorbet:

Lavender Lemonade Sorbet 3

Churn until the sorbet turns from this:

Lavender Lemonade Sorbet 4

Into this:

Lavender Lemonade Sorbet 5

Look! A moving picture:

All pretty and pink and packed for the freezer:

Lavender Lemonade Sorbet 6

The sorbet needs to chill for a few hours, but I licked the bowl clean and can therefore affirm it is outrageously good. Yes, I stand by my adverb: OUTRAGEOUSLY good.

Next up: the Lavender Martini.

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